COARE Biotechnology is a research driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing novel therapeutic agents designed to treat solid tumor cancers. Our strategy is based on targeting the Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) subpopulation within any given tumor. These CSCs ability to self renew, give rise to rapidly dividing tumor cells and are often resistant to traditional therapies.  The inability to eradicate CSCs is thought to be the reason for tumor relapse.

Our drug development program is focused on creating novel therapeutic agents and drug delivery systems that specifically target CSCs and inhibit tumor related stem cell pathways. Our unique candidate compounds act via regulation of microRNA (miRNA) dependent oncogenic and tumor suppressor pathways.

COARE’s research based approach attempts to understand the underlying mechanisms that control tumor initiation, progression and metastasis. We are dedicated to developing the highest quality anti-cancer agents with the goal of eradicating cancer within our lifetime.


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